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Review & Press

  • 1. “First Class! Short wait, excellent nurse, correct diagnosis…”

    Seosanh W.
    Astoria, NY
    Revie Five Star

    Definitely concur with the positive reviews here.
    There today,short wait,excellent nurse.

    Have medical background myself (did not disclose this) and was very impressed by physician (Dr. Dua), correct diagnosis, management recommendations…

    First class!

  • 2.”The service was fantastic, the medical practitioners were extremely helpful and they accepted my insurance which covers very little at elsewhere”

    Danielle H.
    New York, NY
    Revie Five Star

    I am a freelancer who has a pretty obscure health insurance company that usually doesn’t cover much — just emergencies. But Union Square Urgent Medical Care actually accepted my insurance. They are open late on weekdays – to 9 pm – which works out well for those who can’t make it during normal business hours. I came at around 8:30 PM and they were able to see me right away. I literally filled out my paperwork and was able to be seen right away. The service was fantastic, the medical practitioners were extremely helpful, and overall I had a great experience. Will definitely come back for future visits, and I am extremely happy to have found this walk-in clinic.

  • 3. “I was in and out just under one hour and treated by a courteous and professional staffs…”

    Chris K.
    Manhattan, NY
    Revie Five Star

    I visited this facility yesterday because of a skin infection and I was in and out in just under one hour. Most of my time was spent with Dr. Ko who asked me the appropriate questions and took the time to explain his decisions. My prescription was waiting for my at my pharmacy before I left and I believe that he nailed the problem dead on because the treatment seems to be working. I am of course very grateful and I am writing this review to let people know that they can come to this clinic and expect to be treated by a courteous and professional staff and that includes everyone there.